If you are mining Crypto currency you need a hedging program to mitigate the risks of down markets and to optimize profits from bull markets.  Crypto Currency is and will continue to be volatile.

Bloc10 has the experience and toolset to create an active hedging program based on your mining operation.  All hedging programs are customized as every miner is different. 

We charge a flat 'management fee' calculated yearly paid monthly, no contract or obligation.  Each month you will see the results we will bring to your mining operation.

You will open accounts with derivatives providers directly, and we will have trading authority on the hedging accounts (Limited Power of Attorney) to execute hedging contracts.

Crypto Mining Hedging Power Point Presentation


How does 'hedging' work?  The goal of hedging is to maximize profits and minimize risks.  It is not speculation, it is the management of an active position that all miners have, long their coin.  As the Crypto Currency community grows, more and more venues offer derivatives of coins that provide for useful tools for hedging.  Watch the following power point presentation for more info.

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