Learn to Day Trade Crypto

Total Cryptos Learn to Day Trade Course is a full interactive course combining articles, video, one on one instruction, and actual trade in the moment support.

We feature access to our live trade room for in-trade learning.

Other benefits of our course:

  • Lifetime access to training and education videos
  • Trading strategies to serve as a sample pool to get started
  • Information on how to make a Trading Plan
  • Technical information how to use trading platforms, trade execution
  • How to resolve disputes

In addition to the educational course, all courses come complete with 1 year Elite Membership to Total Cryptos.

All attendees get:

  • 10 Hours personal one on one instruction individually or in a group in our online trading room (1 hour per day for 10 days, inside of 30 days, scheduling permitting)
  • Access to all Total Cryptos trading strategies, algorithms, support and reference materials, and more.

WARNING: This course is for professional traders who want to learn nuances of Crypto Currency Trading and/or newbies who want to learn how to trade.  This is not an 'investment' course like these real estate things where we are pitching you on our developments or other ideas.  You have to do your own trading we are here to show you how to do it, how to develop your own strategy, and turn it into a trading plan - and stick to it.  Work is required, if you are not willing to put in the time and effort do not enroll in this course.  For every hour trading, you will need to spend 2 hours researching.  If you are busy, don't have the time to invest, or for other reasons are not interested, do not enroll in this course.  This course includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that means we guaratee you will learn how to trade Crypto.  We do not guarantee you will make money.  Trading is difficult.  Most traders lose, few can make a living at it.  This knowledge will however no matter what empower your career to get a Crypto job.  The knowledge you will obtain through this course will be invaluable to you.  

Learn to Trade Crypto Arbitrage


Learn how to Trade Crypto Arbitrage, get the training, get the alerts, get support when you need it.  $249/month.

Learn to Trade Professional


Learn to become a professional trader, including voice / phone support.  $349/month.

Learn to Trade Crypto Elite


Learn how to make cash like a boss.  In person training, get premium strategies.  $499/month.


Learn how this is created, and what not to waste your time with (live FX arbitrage trade account result)

arb ex2

Real Trade Examples - Walk through trading based on multiple scenarios



Macro-Economics Analysis - Understand how the world works.  Macro view - Micro execution.

TC USDinflation

This is a real screenshot of the largest Gold Mine in the world


Simple examples of complex topics

arb example

Who are the most active investors in Bitcoin and Blockchain by capital

active investors

Get a physical textbook library to read in parallel with electronic materials