Total Cryptos offers a paid premium membership "Total Cryptos Total Membership" is like a Crypto Investment Club, also offering access to our unique products & services, including our "PreAct" Machine Learning Engine (MLE) that forecasts the price of Crypto Currencies into the future, "iCATS" automated algorithmic trading system that connects directly to your Bittrex account, "Bitcoin Trend Bot" a fully automated Expert Advisor for the Meta Trader 5 platform, special access to exclusive pre-pre-sale ICOs, ICO/STO Analysis Reports, Custom Support & Consulting, Blockpad Premium software (Private Ledger, Password Manager, Secure Crypto Tool), and much more.  "Total" Cryptos is your TOTAL source for Crypto trading & investing, learning, developing, and more.

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Our PreAct future price prediction provides percentage (probability) of accuracy, timeline (such as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year), and the price.  Our system allows the creation of model portfolios, which can be linked to real Crypto portfolios or hypothetical (paper trading).

Summary of what Total Cryptos Members get access to for only $66 USD:

  • Predator - Crypto Arbitrage alerts updated in real-time (Value: Priceless)
  • PreAct (beta) - Machine Learning Engine (MLE) with regularly updated Crypto price forecasts on Crypto Majors and any Member requested pair ($499 value)
  • iCATS - Intelligent Crypto Automated Trading System (based on Genetic Algorithms) - iCATS is a fully automated algorithmic trading system which connects to your Bittrex account (other exchanges to come later) and places trades on your account based on the intelligent engine running iCATS which selects the 'best' strategy automatically. ($399 Value)
  • Bitcoin Trend Bot - Meta Trader 4 Expert Advisor "Bitcoin Trend Bot" a fully automated trend following algorithm (works only on brokers who offer the MT4/MT5 platform) ($99 Value)
  • Blockpad Premium - Blockpad is a private encrypted personal ledger, notepad, password manager, secure browser to access exchanges, one time pad, and more.  Blockpad Premium enabled secure encrypted cloud backup ensuring your data will never be lost. ($10 Value)
  • Analysis & Intelligence - Our monthly analysis reports, providing deep-analysis of the Crypto markets. ($99 value)
  • Crypto Currency Strategies - In the form of logical trading algorithms, for manual execution or automated programming (pool of 10+ strategies, developed over 10 years) ($599 Value)
  • .. Access to our Crypto investing and trading strategies as we develop them by Bloc10 Labs
  • Custom Support and Consulting to help grow your business, or learn about Crypto Currency Investing ($99 Value)
  • Splitting Bits 2.0 The Book - Splitting Bits is a book about understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain, available on Amazon Kindle.  ($2.99 Value)
  • ICO Whitepaper Database - 1,000 + of the best ICO/STO Whitepapers (continually updated). ($39 Value)
  • Crypto Mining Hedging Consulting - Invaluable information on how to hedge your mining operation (*actual mining contract would be a custom contract based on the value of the monthly or yearly volume of the Crypto Mine) ($299 Value)

You get all this for just $66 a month.  This is the only membership service you will need to trade, understand, and invest in Crypto Currency.  

Total Cryptos Member


Total Cryptos Membership gives Crypto Traders and Investors access to cutting edge Crypto Research & Analysis, Price Prediction models, Algorithmic Trading Systems, Crypto Market Analysis reports, and more.

Actionable Intelligence

We provide our members with actionable intelligence in the Crypto investing community.  This includes access to our Predator Crypto Arbitrage Alerts and much more.

Total Cryptos in house analysts sleuth the Crypto world for data points, insights, and other information; and compile analysis as one would for a bank.

ICO / STO Research

We have an active and updated ICO Whitepaper database.

Our in house analysts cultivate analysis reports about Crypto markets, ICOs, STOs, and Blockchain technologies.

Member Support

Crypto is new - we're not.  Total Cryptos has a support team that understands Blockchain and is here to support you whether you are just a passive investor or you are transforming your business into a Blockchain friendly company.

Research & Development

Total Cryptos has a full time R&D department that's always experimenting with new technologies.  Members receive access to this R&D on an ongoing basis.

Open Source

Total Cryptos is open source - just like the Blockchain.  That means as a member you'll receive actual designs of how our strategies work.  

Mobile Apps

Also our members can use our Mobile Apps (Android & Apple) ad free - and can be linked to your Total Cryptos account dashboard.

Information Business

Blockchain is a technology paradigm, and Crypto Currency is an electronic market.  We've been doing this for a long time, we're in the business of information brokerage.  Who would have known, in 2005, that in 2017, Bitcoin would be the dominant topic of alternative investing?  Knowing what tokens are viable and what not, knowing regulatory hurdles and how and who will solve them, and hundreds of other data points - this and only this can form a strong foundation to Crypto investing and usage.  As a Total Cryptos member get access to information.

Total Cryptos Member


Total Cryptos Membership gives Crypto Traders and Investors access to cutting edge Crypto Research & Analysis, Price Prediction models, Algorithmic Trading Systems, Crypto Market Analysis reports, and more.

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Elite Membership including VIP Phone Support

For power users who want more iCATS strategies, phone support, "Ask Our Expert" and other VIP benefits, we offer an Elite Membership.  Elite Members get all the same products and services as members, but with white glove VIP service, which includes technical support, phone support if needed, access to private pre-sale ICOs with limited availability, and access to up and coming beta products before they are released.

Total Member Elite


Elite Premium Total Membership including white glove VIP service, phone support, and more.  Elite Members receive strategies before they are released, and premium algorithms not available to regular members.  


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