zDATA - Total Cryptos Professional Data (zDATA) service for broker-dealers, banks, hedge funds, prop desks, insurance companies, governments, media agencies, publishers, municipalities, companies launching and maintaining their own token offerings, and universities.

totalcryptos professional data services

zDATA Pro customers get:

  • Streaming real time data from Total Cryptos Price Engine for your own token and all tokens
  • A secure, encrypted private API dedicated to your endpoint (up to 10)
  • Customization & installation in your office, on your website, or in your application*
  • FX conversion into major fiat currencies
  • 2,000 + Crypto Currencies
  • Historical data 
  • 24/7 World Class support
  • Everything included in our "Total Cryptos Total Membership" 
  • Crypto Currency Price Prediction with our Machine Learning Precognition service
  • Automated, algorithmic trading systems iCATS - that learn in real-time (adapt to market changes)
  • Acess to before released Crypto analytics and related intelligence
  • Trading signals and indicators on leading exchange price anomalies * (in development)

zDATA Pro is the world's first professional, industrial, enterprise grade data service for the Crypto currency market.  Never before has such a service been created and curated specifically for the Crypto markets.  We are data brokers, we're in the data business.  Big Data for Crypto.

Why do you need a professional data service for your institution when you can get it for free?  Well you know they say you get what you pay for, and let us explain.. 

The Problem with Crypto Data

Due to the micro architecture of the Crypto Currency market, that there is no central single exchange, prices can vary from exchange to exchange.  In some cases such as in the Korea example, regions can have prices that are as much as 20% different on a consistent basis.  Just take a look at this screenshot, which is an analysis of the inverted spreads in between Crypto exchanges:

Predator1 snapshot

Which is the correct price?  There are now more than 600+ Crypto exchanges in the world, and that number is growing exponentially on a daily basis.  How to get a 'real' sense of the global market price of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies?

Professional services like Bloomberg don't exist for Crypto: Until now.

TC PriceAnomaliesExchanges2

Total Cryptos Professional Data Service

For brokers, news agencies, market data services providers, insurance companies, banks, FCMs, trading platforms, universities, governments, corporations, and other institutions.

Total Cryptos will provide you our own Total Cryptos price on more than 1,000 Crypto Currencies.  Prices can be delivered via secure encrypted private API.  Once our dev teams handshake the connection remains active 24/7 pumping real time streaming data to your software, website, or other application.

Data filtering

Data from the exchanges is not always consistent.  We standardize price data and store it in our own proprietary database by source, before combining it into our final price.  We filter out bad data, price spikes, late data, mal-formatted data, and other data inconsistencies.  Sometimes feeds go down, are late, or have their own problems.  We don't rely on a since source, and our sources are mixed between exchanges and data aggregators as well.  


We offer 2 benchmark indexes; the TC100 and TCw100.  TC100 is a non-weighted median average of the top 100 Crypto Currencies by market cap.  TCw100 is a weighted index, similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Our indexes are included with the Total Cryptos data set.  TC100 provides a broad gauge of the Crypto Currency market.

Database & Service Hosting

Total Cryptos is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) the core Total Cryptos database uses Amazon's RDS service natively.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching and backups. It frees you to focus on your applications so you can give them the fast performance, high availability, security and compatibility they need.

Why use Total Cryptos?

Total Cryptos (TC) is backed by a professional organization with 30+ years experience.  Our operations managers are from the financial services industry and have the experience required to build and maintain a data service for the most fussy of all customers: traders.  The Crypto Currency industry is mostly filled with kids and DIY self-taught experts.  Total Cryptos is a professional service run by Bloc10 an enterprise grade organization.

Our professional services package includes support, customization, and real-time monitoring.

Data Map

Total Cryptos zData Pro


This is a professional data service designed for institutions who need Crypto Currency data for their organization, trading platforms, benchmarking services (BIT FIX), and related data services.   TC Pro Data includes a TC - Permissioned API which will be supported and maintained by the Total Cryptos data team. 

Licensing info

This is a wholesale data product, we expect that you will deliver the data to your end users in bulk.  However, we provide this license 'per seat' - similar to the software 'per-seat' model.  See more info about the per-seat model here.  Bloc10 provides bulk order discounts, for example a 10-seat license would be $5,000 (or $500 per seat).  The per seat fee goes down as the number of seats in the order goes up - per client.  We have this in place only in order to protect us from obvious abuse, we aren't going to restrict use like 'some companies' do.

Product Collatoral Materials



TC Pro Data Powerpoint Presentation by Bloc10

TC Pro Data PowerPoint Presentation

TC Pro Data Product Sheet v1 - PDF file

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